Since 1980 Sci-in Tech has been producing custom scientific instruments for major Universities, Labs and organizations around the world. Projects for spacecraft, Astronomy, geophysics using Opto/mechanics, motion control systems, cryogenics and Peltier coolers.

Vacuum expertise involves cryogenics, Peltier coolers, custom designed “Security Valves” to allow valve removal while the system still has vacuum. We utilize a special captured “O” Ring groove design with a 30 year track record in every vacuum system we design.


SHIMMER is a high resolution narrow band spectrometer that was payload aboard the first STPsat-1 spacecraft. We designed and built the CCD camera mechanics. STPSat-1 was in a bi-polar orbit for 2 years measuring Hydroxyl in noctilucent cloud formation for Naval Research Lab, D.C.

Mt St Helens eruption was the seed that started Sci-in Tech (then Carr Instrumentation). An Expendable Bubble Tiltmeter was designed and patented that was lightweight, had low power digital electronics allowing weeks of operation in the field, to measure earth tilts with 10 microradian resolution. With this, the USGS learned how to interpret these measures, via GOES Satellite, to accurately predict eruptions with 20 minute warning to evacuate.

ECLIPSE, JPL, John Trauger
The ECLIPSE project contracted Sci-in Tech to design, construct, assemble and deliver 3 camera systems to operate inside a vacuum chamber at JPL to develop wave-front technology to be used in JWST.

SLEUTH, JPL, John Trauger-David Charbonneau
Contracted with JPL, our 4-stage CCD Camera. We are the first ever to use an Ion Pump directly mounted the camera housing that could produce continuous high vacuum. A Thermoelectric cooler offered good cooling for low noise performance with a 2K x 2K CCD.