Since 1980 Sci-in Tech has been producing custom scientific instruments for major Universities,
Labs and organizations around the world. For spacecraft, Astronomy, Analytical Chemestry, geophysics,
Opto/mechanics, and motor control mechanism, cryogenics and thermoelectric in vacuum system. These are
conceptualized, designed, fabricated, tested and delivered to the customer with guaranteed results.

Sci-in Tech is working on two patents using mirror optics.

"Self Deforming Mirror" - Patent: 7,508,561
A monolithic block of Piezo ceramic with deforming control points on the active mirror surface. Ideal
for Adaptive Optics wavefront control and High Contrast Imaging Coronagraphs. Ideal for precision
optical systems in labs and spacecraft.

"High Resolution Security Camera" - Patent: 7,129,460
A stepper motor controlled bi-axial scanning mirror system to aquire multiple images of a scene,
rapidly stitching together creating a high-res mosaic image.