Merope, L.L.C

Merope, L.L.C
P.O. Box 860634
Shawnee Mission, KS 66286-0634
voice: 913.441.6861 fax: 913.441.8507

For installations regarding complete integration, Sci-in Tech has partnered with Merope, LLC, to provide a turnkey camera system with electronics and CCD.

Custom and Standard Design

Cameras can be made with E2V, Imager Labs, Fairchild, SITe, Kodak, and others, according to customer specific requirements. CCD shape, size , mounting configuration and wiring vary considerably. These are considered for every camera head and while most CCD’s fit some involve a special design.

Please note that while Sci-in Tech provides customer assistance in integration of components by third party vendors, we do not have full access to data concerning the use and application of Sci-in Tech camera housings. Therefore, Sci-in Tech assumes no liability and is not responsible for customer applications, electronics, CCDs or product or software design or performance relating to third party systems or applications incorporating Sci-in Tech products.