Sci-in has been involved in a number of electro-optical research projects. Below are a sample of the projects Sci-in has created instruments for.

U.S. Naval Research Lab

The Naval Research Lab CCD Camera is part of a satellite payload (SHIMMER)
that will measure the global distribution of middle atmospheric hydroxyl. A Single stage thermoelectric cooler runs the CCD (SITe 1K x 1K 24µ Back Illuminated CCD) at -40° Celsius.

Camera size is 4.5" diameter and the total weight is only 1.3 pounds. The CCD Camera is located in back looking towards you with the vacuum hose, connected to a Spatial Heterodyne Spectrometer used to take High resolution narrow band spectroscopy.

Jet Propulsion Lab

Two custom CCD camera assemblies with 4-Stage thermoelectric cooler are designed to operate inside a large vacuum chamber for Eclipse Project.

Marconi CCD 47-10 Back Illuminated (1K x 1K x 13µ Pixel array) operates at -60°C (total T 70°C) with <3.0e noise using FHH Engineering electronics. The bottom right picture above is the camera installed on the optical table.

Caltech, Palomar Observatory

This custom CCD Camera uses a Marconi 2K x 2K 13.5µ pixel array, thinned back illuminated, with 4-Stage TEC allows operating temperature of <-60°C with hot side at +10°C. This camera (named "Sleuth") is pre-programmed and remotely operated for observing every night at Palomar Obs.

The above two photos show the Sleuth CCD Camera with Dr. David Charbonneau attaching a lens to the camera in the photo on the left.

Visit the Palomar Interactive Web Site by clicking here.

Snoop is a camera mounted under Sleuth pointed up to take snapshots of sky to make movies. Term Engineering also has equipment used with STARE pictured (cameras on telescopes) in this location.